One Shot, One Kill

The night had closed in.  I was in bed, snuggled up with my book about to turn off the light.  Then, I heard a rustling sound outside my window.  

I knew.

He was back. 

The night before we lost Speck to an Intruder.  He, the Intruder,  had been by the night before and upset Speck and pulled out lots of feather.  But Speck won that skirmish.

{Speck is was our rooster that was supposed to be a hen}

Wednesday night, he lost.  Speck went to Chicken Heaven, if there is such a place…..

So I hear the rustling, I know, the Intruder is back, looking for more.

I headed to the front door, turned the light on, and there he sat eating out of a bag of chicken feed he tore open.

Intruder = Raccoon


I went back to my room, got the .22.  Found the “bucket of bullets” and headed back to the front door.

I had not shot this gun before, but I figure, I have shot a some big guns : 50 Caliber, an M60, an M16, pretty sure some Russian Rifles (with my dad), and of course  an M9.  So I knew this could be done, I knew I could do it.

I loaded it, sighted my prey target (in the semi-dark) and fired.  He jumped.  Then he danced a bit, well it looked like dancing to me.

Then when I had the other round loaded and ready to fire again, he was gone. 

I knew I hit him.  I figured he went home to die or lick his wounds.

This morning when my oldest ran in to tell me there was a dead raccoon, I knew.

One shot, one KILL!!

Who says that expensive education & training is not still paying off??

Go Army!!

July 2011 143


raccoon with arrow


July 2011 146

July 2011 148


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