Courageous {The Book}

If you have not seen the trailer for the movie Courageous, well, you must either live under a rock, or you do not own a tv set or watch movies.

Every time I see the trailer, I cry.  Every. Time.  Here is your chance if you have not seen it….

Why am I talking about this movie? 

I just finished the Novelization of the movie by Randy Alcorn!  Woo Hoo!  I knew I was not going to miss this movie, but I am so glad I got to read the book first! 

The message in this book is one that everyone needs to hear. It reminds us of the great importance the role dad has in the family! Whether you had a good or bad father, this book’s message is one of forgiveness and redemption. Each man in this story has his own story with (or without) his dad.

The book was wonderful! Each family in the story brought a different element to the table; issues addressed were abortion, divorce, alcoholism, drugs, and neglect. Each of the families in the story dealt with different issues, and I think that will help this book and the movie to appeal to just about everyone.

There is a great message about God in this movie, as there has been in all the past movies they have made. And each character truly tries to live up to the expectation they feel God has for them. There is redemption in many families in the story and it reminds us that there is time to fix what we have done wrong, and we can make a difference with our children. I really appreciated that the children in this story are real, they are facing real life issues, and this could certainly open lines of communication with our children as we watch the movie, with them, or without them.

I have always enjoyed Randy Alcorn’s books, and again I was pleased with this one!

I highly recommend this book whether you will see the movie or not, this is a story not to be missed! A great story with a wonderful message to all of us!

Here is another video about the movie with quotes from many people behind the scenes!



Note : Tyndale House publishers provided this book to me at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.


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