Little {Growing} Girls

Oh how I wish I could stop the clock.  I would, honestly I would.  I would stop it and just savor my little girl where she is.  She is our youngest, so I think that is part of it, but she is our only girl too and that adds to my issue.

My issue.  She is growing too fast.  Too Fast!

I remember hearing a woman say that each phase of her children’s growth was her favorite.  I can start to see that.  (I seem to be a slow learner)  I can see how each phase has it’s own wonderful parts, sweet moments, and blessings!  I am not sure every part is my favorite, but as I struggle to keep my little girl little, I am loving who she is growing into!

But, as I want to stop the clock on one hand, I so want to do the time, I cannot stop, right.  I want to raise her with the important things in mind.  I want to look back and know that we did our best, and everything we could.

So, when Shelly Noonan offered to let readers have a copy of her book so we could review it, I jumped at the chance.  I was blessed to hear her speak at our homeschool book fair and I loved all that she shared!  So many things to apply in our home with not only my little girl, but my boys too!


The Three Weavers

An amazing book, an amazing story.  I am not sure where to begin.

This book is intended for a father to go through it with his 9-16 year old daughter, to help them dialog many issues surrounding purity and her future.  I think, now that I have read it and my little girl is still only 5, that reading it before that age is a great idea too.  I love that I know how this topic is addressed; and I can start to lay a foundation so that when she goes through this book with Robert she will get it at a much deeper level.

This story is about 3 fathers who were all given the same gift, a little girl and a weavers loom, on the same day.  Each father sees the gift of the loom with a different perspective and approaches it with a different philosophy.  The story teaches our daughters that each choice we make determines more than just that choice. 

I loved several suggested activities too, acts of symbolism for the father to share with his little girl.  One, is a letter to her that he writes about his feelings at her birth, another letter he writes to her for her wedding day, and another suggestion is a hope chest for him to give to her when she marries.  I love that each step is working toward that wedding day, leading her to see a future beyond today.

The story is a simple one, one that will resonate in her mind for much longer than it takes to complete this study.  Doing a study like this with my father would have had an amazing impact on my life, and would have really changed my perspective about myself and my future.

I highly, hands down, encourage all parents of little girls to get a copy and go through this with her.  If a father is not available to do this, it is still so good, that a mom should do it in his place.  It is that good!!

Meanwhile check out Shelly’s Website at Pumpkin Seed Press  and also, please check out her amazing blog at B’twixt and B’tween.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.


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