Book Review : Family Illustrated Bible

We are coming to love and adore New Leaf Press and Master Books!  The latest book we have fallen in love with it The Family Illustrated Bible.

While we have many Bibles in our home, we have not had a “family” one that I wanted to keep out, even on the coffee table.  This is the one! 

It is a beautifully designed Bible with a sturdy hard cover.  We also enjoyed reading through the informative first few pages that offer some ancient and modern day pictures and drawings of Books of the Bible, Covenants and some maps as well.

We are loving this book in our home as a family read, and also for reading with school.  The illustrations are beautiful!  The kids cannot wait to pour over the pictures once we have completed the reading.  All of the pictures are not illustrations however, in fact there are a number of archeological pictures included throughout.

I love that this Bible breaks up the stories into allotments that would be perfect for daily Bible reading or devotion.   This would not necessarily replace your daily reading from the standard Bible, but it would make a great devotion Bible for any ages.  It is perfect to have on the coffee table for family reading and for the kids to sit and browse through when they are having some down time.

This Bible is a new favorite in our home and I am sure it would be a welcome addition for any family!

Note : This book was provided at no cost in exchange for an honest review, by New Leaf Publishers.

2 thoughts on “Book Review : Family Illustrated Bible

  1. Loved your review Janelle! So glad your family is enjoying the Family Illustrated Bible together. May God bless each of you and tie the cords of your love tighter as you read the Bible together.

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