Student Photo Week {NBTS Blog Hop}

I have to admit, this year I have not been on top of my “picture taking” game.  I do, however, have my handy dandy phone nearby most days, and so I have snapped my fair share of Instagram pics, and iPhone pics in general, so far this school year.

So, as we are in week 2 of school for my Year 1 Gang (2 second graders & a Kindergartener) and week 3 of Year 4 (5th grader and 4th grader) – here are some pics I have grabbed during our day.

Featuring :

JB with a chick

My Oldest JB – he is our 5th grader.  He loves to be outside in a tree, fishing in the pond, or catching some kind of bug to freeze and store – or he has a  book in his hand that he is flying through.

PJ muddy boys on Sat

My Second PJ – he is our 4th grader.  He is the snuggler of the family.  He loves to be outside too, running and moving.  He loves books, but tends to take his time and savor them.

Ed with a chick

My youngest Son is ED – he is our 2nd grader.  This is our creative, inventive, inquisitive boy.  He needs to be outside as much as possible, using his energy there! 

Ally with a chick

Our addtion this year is Ally – she is a second grader, and she is schooling with us this year.  We are very excited to add another girl to our brood, AG especially.  Ally loves to be out jumping on the trampoline with our gang, coloring, drawing or just playing.  So far she is loving schooling at home, rather than school!!

AG with a chick

Lastly is AG – our lovely Kindergartener.  She loves to be jumping in the trampoline, catching bugs, or pouring over books (a bit of each of my boys).  She is a fun loving, carefree sweetie that loves her big brothers and tries to rule this roost!!

{Note : yes, lots of chick pics – we are kind of chick crazy right now, hatched out 6, another 6 due next week, and 11 more about 10 days later! So please excuse our silly chick pics!}


missing front tooth Ally missing a tooth

2 missing teeth, lost today at lunch!!  Fun!

Some typical school work pics :

AG working

schooling at the table

Happy Homeschooling!!

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