Homemade Yearbooks

So, I admit, I am mildly extremely addicted to Pinterest.  If you have not found this amazing website, be warned, and be very careful.  Once you do that  {click & follow me}


If you do that, you will find a world of great ideas, inspiring recipes, and beautiful pictures.  I love Pinterest.

My latest LOVE –> Yearbooks.


I have been mulling over what this looks like.  I have always, kind of, wanted to do this, but with Ally here this year, I think it will give me the much needed nudge to turn desire into action.

{Note : this is not just a homeschool mom project, Becky, in fact, did this for her children – she went into each class and did this for each child in her child’s class – Amazing!}

I saw this pin on pinterest (you have to go there to understand) and I was not super impressed.  But when I arrived on Becky’s blog I was in utter adoration!  She takes a task that could be huge, and overwhelming and makes it easy.  Yes, easy.

She had templates that you print out.  I printed a copy of each page, then photocopied them for each of my students.  I made a file folder for student with their copies in there.  (takes virtually no space and is already organized for the year)

file folders

Then, in a few free minutes I had yesterday, I scrounged up my old scrapbook paper.  (Old, because I no longer scrapbook in the traditional sense, I now make digital photo albums)  I then found a bunch of scraps that were big enough to cut into 2.5 inches by 8.5 inches. 

cut paper

paper scraps to decorate with


some stickers I found to embellish with

These will fit along the tops of the pages (or bottoms).  Each 2 page spread allows the kids to color/draw a picture of their choosing, and then a few lines to describe it.  My kids are avid artists, so this is perfect for them each month (or week, like I think I may do)E first page

Then on the opposite page is a spot for a picture to glue on. 

E first page - Copy

Js first page

allys page

AGs first page

This is designed so that when we sit down to do this (as a class) the kids can pick some cute paper they like, and they can embellish their own pages.  So this will be their book in every sense of the word.  We will do a spread if we go on a field trip – or if we have a fun experiment or something.  We will include 4H stuff too I think.

I am going to use document protectors to drop my completed pages in and then I hope to find some polypro pocket folders.

I am loving this!  I am thrilled to have a plan that I think I can manage to keep up with for the year!!  So, check out Becky’s page and let me know if you love it as much as I do!!

1 thought on “Homemade Yearbooks

  1. I love this idea! I'm glad you shared! I have such good intentions of scrapbooking…I love to once I get started because it's such a stress-reliever to me. But I NEVER take the time to do it anymore. I think this could be very feasible! Hope you are doing well! We miss you guys so much! Love, Kim

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