Day In The Life {NBTS Blog Hop}

Well, we are routine based, but not routine/schedule driven.  So, each day is a bit different around here, but the “Not Back To School” blog hop this week is Day in the Life – so here goes….

I try to get up about 6am – this requires I get to bed sometime near the 9 o’clock hour

bible time

My first minutes are spent doing daily Bible reading (my plan), prayer time, gratitude journal entries, and I try to have a cup of tea with all of that


By 6:30-6:45 I have little people joining me.  The boys trickle out and join me with their Bibles

chickens in

By 7am they are all up – some are dressed and chores are started (this includes letting the dog out, releasing the chickens, and feeding :cats, dog, chickens)


by 8am we try to have our breakfast (usually eggs & toast, or cereal)

Ally joins us about 8:30 – then we start our 24 Family Ways devotional

We try to head to the school building by about 9am.

We start out with everyone hitting the math books.  From there we do some reading from AO Year 1 (where all the kids have decided to participate – even my YR 4 kids), poetry from both years, some English From the Roots up, and finally Geography

We finish school by noon each day and head back to the house for lunch.

A reading to AG

We try to have quiet time each day – about 60-90 minutes.  The kids each have a spot to read quietly.  I try to work in E and Ally reading out loud to me too.  Sometimes Ally reads to AG.

Once quiet time is complete, the kids are either outside playing, on the floor playing board games, or walking the dog. 

Ally goes home about 4pm and then we have family dinner.

Finally, we put the kids to bed about 7pm every night.  Some think this is crazy, but this give Robert and I our evenings together.  It also gives them plenty of time to read books.  Some nights they are up later than others, but my kids play hard every day, and they need their sleep.

Every day may not look like this, but every day I try to get the kids outside playing and exploring.  We keep school to the morning hours so they have the afternoon to be kids and this works well for us.

I expected my big boys to go do their thing while I do year 1 with the younger ones, but instead they get their work done when they can so they can sit with us & they listen to year 1 again – I am loving that they are choosing this!

That is what our average days look like!  Join me on the NBTS blog hop!!


1 thought on “Day In The Life {NBTS Blog Hop}

  1. I bet those breakfast eggs are wonderful, since they are home grown!

    It's so sweet that the older ones want to join the younger ones–and it never hurts to get a little review!

    What do you think of English from the Roots Up? I'm planning to add some root word study to our lessons later in the year.

    Have a great year learning together!

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