“Farm” Life & Clarabell

sunset at the house

So we moved out here, we bought a few chickens. 

new chicks 2010

Then, we bought more chickens. 


baby broilers

Eventually eggs arrived. (so did the snakes)

big snake

Recently, we even hatched our own chicks.

{yeah, we really like chickens}


We fish in the “stocked” pond for catfish.

ED fishing


Proud boy

Which is less like a pond and more like a puddle

dry pond

Added a few roosters and some more hens


Louie head shot

rooster with hens

Robert got work boots for the “farm” – I now have cowboy boots

Then, this spring we added a couple turkeys.


We ate one.

cooked turkey

And this week we added this sweet girl.

clarabell head

Her name is Clarabell Dinner (Robert prefers her second name, I prefer her first).  We are bottle feeding

clarabell (2)

So while I have been playing with the term “farm” I think it is officially a Hobby Farm here at the Cole Homestead.

jb with bottle

So we are feeding our sweet Heifer Calf (do not call her a cow – she is not!) *I learned this from my friend this week.

Not sure when a home officially turns into a farm, or how much land you must have for it to be that

farm : a plot of land devoted to the raising of animals and especially domestic livestock

But that defines much of our place these days, and another spot is about to be devoted to agricultural farming once we can get our seeds/plants into the ground.

While it is still very dry here

dry field

things are good.  And we are enjoying every day here on our little farm!


3 thoughts on ““Farm” Life & Clarabell

  1. the farm life looks like a beautiful life to me! Clarabel is gorgeous. i have always wanted a cow, but as a pet not as “dinner” LOL i'm praying we get more rain, your pond fills and your grass greens and everything on your farm THRIVES 🙂

  2. we are so happy to see how God is fulfilling your dreams each day!! How wonderful!! Janelle your grandmother would be so proud of you as I am!! Oh what a great way to raise your (our grandchildren) children!!Love you all! NanaPeg & Uncle Louie

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