Weekly Wrap Up : September 2nd

homeschool journal

In my life this week…..

Mostly, it was normal – we schooled Mon – Wed closing out most of our stuff for this week a bit early.  Good thing, since I spent most of Thursday taking my youngest son to the ER.  Not fun, but glad my week had room for the unplanned chaos.

In our homeschool this week…

We are in week 5/4 in our home – and moving right along.  Math is going surprisingly well – I think this is going to be a stellar math year for all my students.

My youngest student AG (kinder) is enjoying her handwriting practice (like the big kids) and her math too.  She is doing remarkably well!

We are really loving our English from the Roots Up  – I would recommend this book/curriculum for all homeschoolers!  My gang is enjoying it and they are really learning!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We had a great time last Friday night at our homeschool group kick-off.  We were all able to go to a local Resort Water park – my kids loved it!  It was so fun to be in a huge place filled with homeschoolers!!

My favorite thing this week was (will be)…

A birthday party on Saturday!  My boy is turning 9!!  He is so excited!!  Packages have been arriving and he can hardly stand it!  We are looking forward to having out with Robert’s grandmother, aunt, brother (and family) and us!! It is going to be a fun day with lots of yummy goodies!!

pj smiling

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!!

I am thrilled you are about to be 9!!

Things I’m working on…

I am working on coming up with a plan to really teach cooking to my kids.  I am going to work on a different thing each week – and try to get them really comfortable in the kitchen cooking, measuring, and everything that goes along with it.

I am excited to be more intentional about educating them in the kitchen, and I think they will like having a plan as well.  I am hoping to work this so it will go right along with our 4H Food Competition/Challenge stuff.

I’m grateful for…
Seeing God working miracles in my life.   It has been a a week of seeing him really working in my life and my family.  God is good!!


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