Bible Drill and 5th & 6th graders

It is week 2 of Bible Drill here – we just started this program here in our church and I am thrilled!  I love any program that gets our kids into the Bible and the words of God into their hearts.

To start, I asked the kids to fill out a survey (same one I did with my kids at home) asking various questions : favorite this, favorite that, what makes them happy vs sad, and so on.  The answers made me want to cry on many pages.  To see the truth from their hearts and to see what brings them joy and hurt.  It really showed me how I can pray for these precious kids. 


Another thing these pages helped me see, was that merely memorizing a verse was not going to change their lives.  They are words (I know, God’s words) but until they understand them, they are just words.  I realized that I need to teach them how these words can breathe life into their hearts on a bad day, how they can speak truth when you can hardly see what truth is. 

I thought I got to follow this curriculum and train these kids to find 25 verses, memorize them, and recite them.  Instead, I get to offer living words.  I get to offer them something that, if they choose to take them, will be with them all their lives, for all eternity.  I get to offer them a gift that is utterly priceless.

So, while we will still use the suggested curriculum, we will veer a bit off at times.  They may not be able to find every verse at the end, they may not have every word in order, but I trust that  these kids will understand what these words mean, and why they can be life or death to their young souls.

God’s word never returns to him void – I am trusting the truth in that as I send God’s word into these hearts, he has loaned to me on Wednesday nights. 


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