Women of Faith

Have you been?  I have and it is such a fun day to get away, hang out with friends and be in a place where thousands of other ladies gather to worship and praise God.

This year I jumped at the chance to go for free thanks to BookSneeze.  However, when the tickets arrived, I quickly realized there were many conflicts and I was not going to get to go.

But, let me back up, first.

I have gone a few times to WOM.  In 2009, my friend Carla (who typically goes with a huge group from her church) offered up a few left over tickets to go, for FREE.  2009 was our year of …. lots of stuff, to include unemployment, selling a house (and paying to close) and on and on.  So, I did not have the $$ just sitting around to go, but I knew I would love to.  So I was so blessed to be offered one of those extra “free” tickets! 

This year, when I realized my scheduling errors, I offered my tickets on facebook to my friends.  I was thrilled when Carla was the first to respond requesting them.  It sounds like 2011 is her year of …. lots of stuff!  But, isn’t God so good?   To bring this full circle!!  So, she was thrilled to go with her mom, and  I asked her to share her thoughts, and here they are:

Women of Faith 2011 was truly “Over the Top” this year – so many fabulous speakers and artists!

Patsy Clairmont was one of my favorites. She shared about how messy life can be sometimes, but God protects our hearts as we step through hardships in life. He uses things in our life that at times seem destructive.

Andy Andrews shared about how God has a purpose for our life. He said if we are still here (on earth) than there is still work for us to do. Even our worst times have purpose. God uses those times to mold, shape, and make us ready for our future.

Mandisa was really a blessing when she sang and ministered. She shared about when our whole world is crashing down, that is when we need to worship God.  She said, “Something begins to happen when we worship Him and if all we have is broken than, that is what we offer up to Him.”   Truly love her sensitive heart!

Sandi Patti shared about how when she was going through a tough time God showed her that He was her “enough” and “she was enough for Him”.

All the Women of Faith speakers and artists were a huge blessing to me. I left feeling refreshed and ministered to. I am really looking forward to attending the next conference!

So, thank you BookSneeze for offering these tickets and blessing my friend!!  I love Women of Faith and hope you get a chance to check it out for yourself!!



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