Multitude Monday

It has been oh, so long since I have added to my list in my gratitude journal, but after my weekend I think it is time!

Not sure the number (my journal is in the kitchen and I am not) but here are the things on my heart I am so very thankful for today

~ Cool temps for a week, and no AC for several days

~ a weekend with the girls (well, 24 hours or so)

~Beth Moore and her complete transparency


~ wonderful food made for me by Kim’s hands – it was so nice to hang out, eat well and laugh

~ kids who know how to pitch in and help

~ our sweet Clarabell who is feeling much better

~ chickens laying eggs again

~ less than 2 weeks until my 3 Generations of Girl go to NYC & West Point (I can hardly wait)

~ my mom who is so encouraging, always has good advice for me, and honest words my heart needs to hear

~ (it should be first, but my list is in no order) God’s Word  – how it has been speaking to me in so many ways

~ getting back into 4h – and having an idea of what we will do this year!!

After squeezing school in to 3 days last week, we are looking forward to a week of a bit less squeezing and a bit more relaxing.  It will be a good week!

One thing I am planning to to get the kids cooking in the kitchen daily this week.  Tonight JB will help with dinner : cooking rice & setting and clearing the table.  Tomorrow night is PJ : Salad & Veggies.  Wednesday is Taco night with our co-op and friends – we will have it potluck style with a taco theme and then all head to church.  Thursday ED will help with Baked Potatoes and all the fixings (maybe even some brisket).  Finally on Friday AG will be the big helper, but everyone will help with homemade pizza!  Should be a good week of eating and lots of hands on cooking for the kids!!

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