Weekly Wrap Up : September 16


In my life this week….

Of course we schooled, but that no longer defines our week out here – so much time is spent doing “farm life” that that is what seems to define our weeks more often!

Well, we re-distributed the chickens, we are going to re-home a rooster.  So the little hens were moved into a big coop and all my bigger hens were combined.  I think our rooster Louie is happy to have  many more hens to “care” for!!

We also butchered another turkey, and should be eating it for many days!! {31 lb before cooking} 2 Turkeys down – 1 to go.

In our homeschool this week…

We are moving right along with our Latin and Geography, I am enjoying seeing these kids learn so much each week!

We are loving our second time through Paddle to the Sea too.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Manage expectations I need to heed this advice a bit more!!

I am inspired by…

The book Radical – I am reading through this again, and doing a weekly Bible study/Book Study with a group of people in our church.  I am feeling inspired by what I am reading, not to mention learning so much as I read through Isaiah these days.  Good stuff! 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

AG and I are getting ready for leaving in just over a week to NYC and West Point!  She can hardly stand it – she seems to be packing every day!!  It is going to be lots of fun!!

What’s working/not working for us…

I am struggling these days with keeping my kids working diligently.  I feel like I am constantly reminding them to do their math, stop talking, do their handwriting, etc.

I am getting tired of being the “bad” guy.  So I am going to let school go into the afternoon if they cannot figure out how to focus and get their work done.  Ugh!

Things I’m working on…

Maybe a new purse?  Maybe a few Christmas gifts?  If I get a chance, I will escape for a few hours to the “school” building (on weekends : “Sewing Building”) and get some crafty time in!!

I’m cooking…

Well, it is time for pears!!  So, Betsy suggested that I try a savory something with my pears!  I am going to make some Hot Pear Relish – I think will be great over cream cheese – but we will see!!

Aside from that, I want to sit down and plan my meals for next week and work the kids into each meal.  We will see how that goes.



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