Book Review : Beyond Beautiful Girlhood


This is the third book published by Pumpkin Seed Press  which I am fortunate enough to review.

I was so blessed to listen to Shelley Noonan at a homeschool conference in May in Arlington, she spoke on teaching life skills to our little girls in an intentional way, through every day living.  I loved so many of her ideas that I knew I could immediately apply, not only with my little girl, but my boys too!!



So when offered the chance to review a few of her books, I was thrilled and jumped at the chance!!  If you missed my reviews of The Three Weavers or Beautiful Girlhood, make sure you check them out. I loved both of those books, but click over to see why!!



Today I will tell you why the book Beyond Beautiful Girlhood is a must for every home library with a young girl growing up.

The purpose of this book is to offer a tool to mothers to help them mentor their young daughters as they navigate through some difficult years.   This book was originally published around the turn of the 19th century.  There are seven chapters in this book, allowing for a 7 week period of Bible Study.  At the conclusion of each chapter there are several sections to help discuss the subject that was addressed : Mother to Mother (offers mom a vision of what this chapter can offer), Journal Questions (questions for mom and daughter to go through a pick a few to journal about), Bible Study (finding specific verses that address that chapter’s subject), Projects (extra ideas to enrich the subject being discussed), and finally resources (other places we can look for more discussion on the topic).

I loved that the chapters were written so poignantly – to address real issues that today are so often overlooked, or ignored.  Today, we do not seem to be trying to raise young ladies with character, values and morals.  This book seems to raise the bar for the daughter and the mother – to strive higher than before.  To try to grasp the real beauty in life.

I also loved that after the chapters the journal and bible study section is divided – a part for mom to work through, and a part for the daughter to work through.  Each can be recorded in this book, leaving a true treasure at the end of 7 weeks!

A few topics addresses in this precious book are : friendships, helping at home, and my favorite books.  This is a wonderful book that will help open the communication lines between mom and daughter and I know the benefits will last a lifetime!

I highly recommend this book to all mothers of daughters!  There are not enough tools out there to aid in the rearing and raising and inspiring of our daughters!!  This book is an amazing tool!


Note : I was offered Beyond Beautiful Girlhood by the Pumpkin Seed Publishers, in exchange for an honest review.


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