It’s Pear Time

both relishes

My first Pear-Baking day happened this weekend.  We felt it was time to get the pears off the tree before they go bad or fall all over the place.  So Robert got the ladder out, solicited help from the boys and harvested our pears.  First basket:

pears to can

Two more are waiting in the wings.


My first day I decided to go the Savory route, as suggested by Betsy.  So, I found a recipe for a spicy relish.  Without thinking it through all the way I followed the recipe and once I finished I realized that this relish was not what I was aiming for. 

relish ingredients

I wanted a relish like Harry & David’s pepper relish (that we love).  I should have looked at the recipe for half a minute and I could have seen this was not a recipe for what I wanted.  Oh well.  The relish is hot, and very good!  I have 13 jars now of that!

all jars in a row

Then I pulled up the recipe for a version of the Harry & David relish.  This time I got a bit wiser!  Instead of just following blindly – I looked at the recipes and implemented what I wanted to use as substitutions. 

harry and david relish in pot

So I made a Pear Pepper Relish – the kind you would pour over cream cheese – or mix in and serve.  It is wonderful!!

So, I now have about 13 jars of that too!  I love both – the kids love both, Robert refuses both.  Oh well.  You can’t please everyone.

finished relish


So, at this point, I felt like I was on a roll!!  I recently was blessed by a small box (in the mail) of Habanero Salted Caramels.  OH MY!!!

These little bites are amazing!!  So I knew I had to make them – and Betsy thought so too!

So, I tried.  Ughh.

I failed. 

Well, if you consider Worther’s Original as a failure! Obviously I let the sugar cook too long (or maybe too fast) and my candy went way past the soft ball stage to the hard crack stage.

So, I have a ton of hard caramel candies now.  But I will not be defeated.  I will attempt these again and I will be victorious!! 

For now I will revel in the joy of all my jars of relish!


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