Pear Day / Take II

I love when I wake up and walk through the house smelling something wonderful!

I cooked up 3 big pots of pears yesterday and turned those into Pear Sauce.  I made tons of this year and we are still eating it, so I decided not to can any pear sauce this year.  So, all my pear sauce is going to turn into Pear Butter!  We love pear butter, and it is Robert’s favorite!

So I poured about 16 cups of pear sauce into the crock pot, added 3 cups of sugar, some cinnamon, nutmeg and ground cloves.  Stirred it all up, turned on the crock pot to High and let it cook for about 24 hours.  The results are a deep brown gooey goodness!!

So this afternoon I canned a dozen jars of yummy pear sauce, and cooked up 2 more pots of pears.  I will have another dozen jars of pears sauce whipped up again, tomorrow!  I love pear season.  I think I may get all these little pears canned this year, last year I let many go to waste.

Meanwhile, Clarabell is loving the pear peelings, an occasional core and the chickens are in pear heaven with tons of cores being dropped off every couple of hours. 

All is well on the farm!


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