Slow Saturday

Don’t you love days that you do not do much of anything?

Well, if you know me, you know it is not possible for me to really do nothing.  But, I love days that I do not HAVE to do anything.  That was my day today. 

I did not get out of bed until 7:30am  – that is the latest I have been in my bed in ages!  It was fun to just relax.  I even had a snuggle buddy – AG who arrived sometime (too early to read my clock) and loves to cuddle in the morning.

So, I started a bit lazy this morning, and it continued just about all day. – okay, all day. 

I did get some fun stuff done though, I fixed up a backpack that was a hand-me-down from a friend with the name Colette on it.  I stitch-ripped the monogram off, and appliqued a flower on the flap of the backpack.  Tomorrow I will add some replacement buttons and it is ready to go all the way to West Point next week on my daughter’s back. 


2 young ones on walk

We all took a walk – it was great to be outside and enjoy the cooler temps that are seeming to have arrived.  Around here, you never know when another 100 degree day will creep up on you – so we try to catch the breezy days, and savor them!

PJ on walk


This afternoon, I decided to try my next batch of caramels too.  I am craving some of the salted-habanero ones my mother-in-law sent me.  Second batch is good – not hard like the last, but a bit on the soft side.  So, they are in the fridge and perfect out of there!

Tonight I tried another batch – different recipe all together – from 1953.  I tried Chocolate-Coffee caramels – and well, with candy if you are not paying attention, a simple detail can ruin the pot.  For example, if it calls for un-sweet chocolate – and you use sweet, it will mess everything up.  And it did. 

So, my third batch of the day is coffee caramels – and it is in the fridge cooling.  I do not have much hope though, it seemed pretty runny.  Oh well.  I am done for the night.

I did enjoy a close game of Settles of Canaan with my boys today!  In fact, PJ won the game amazingly well – with ED on his heels!  It was fun to just play and relax.

I highly recommend finding a day in your week or month to play and relax too – it is good for my soul and I am pretty sure good for my kids too!


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