I love New York

Well, I am not sure I {LOVE} New York, but it sure is fun!

During the four years I spent at West Point, almost every chance we got, we trekked down to the city to enjoy a break!

But, do you know that I have never been to the Statue of Liberty?  I have never been to the top of the Empire State Building?  I have never been to Tiffany’s?  How is that?  Well, I was in my early 20’s and clueless.


(plan to go by Tiffany’s – just to look –

and then come home and watch the movie)

Anyway, my sweet 5 year old and I jump on a plane tomorrow to head (ultimately) to NY.  First, we land in Baltimore, hang out with Kristen and her kids, then her mom and my mom fly in and then we trek up to NY!!  A day in the city, playing.  A stop at Tiffany’s, a trip to Central Park, some pics of the Statue of Liberty (no time to go there and up), and a few other stops.  It will be fun to be a tourist in the town I spent many, many weekends!!  I am not sure I have ever felt like a tourist there.

My daughter, she has been packing for 3 weeks, so we are ready to go.  She has a CD player ready, lots of coloring pages and some fun new socks!  She is in “heaven” – and to be off for a week with just her Momma is going to be tons of fun!

So, we will try to post some pics, but if it gets quiet around here, know that AG and I are having tons of fun, and my gang of boys is home with Daddy and having even more fun!!


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