We landed in Baltimore after a great flight on Monday!  Anna  was quite a trooper pulling and following closely as we made our way to our gate, onto our flight and back through the airport in Baltimore.

Today we travelled over to Fairfax Virginia to see our third roommate Amy!  It was the first time the three of us were really able to visit since our last reunion in 2006 – and before that in 1996 at graduation!

18 Years Ago

Some random rainy day

in rain coats


Uniform Drills

(Kristen was off to play Tennis we think)

uniform drills



roommat girlses and baby

Fun to catch up on life, kids (11 between the 3 of us), marriage and everything else.

Our gang of kids, Kristen’s 4, my 1 and Amy’s youngest – played in her basement wonderfully while we visited!

some of our kids

Tomorrow we are off  to the Aquarium, a picnic, and then picking up Nana’s at the airport!!  Tomorrow will be fun, but we are really looking forward to Thursday and our day in New York City!! 
So much fun to take a girl trip!!

sweet girls

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