We had so much fun in Baltimore last week!  We were able to spend a day with Kristen and her family visiting the aquarium – oh my!  It was great!

National Aquarium In Baltimore

We had the place almost to ourselves until after lunch!  A perk to going anywhere early!  It seems, most people like to sleep in and so they show up after or around lunch.  We, on the other hand, wake early and head home shortly after lunch.  Works for us!

I would say, if you are in the Baltimore area, make sure you stop by the Aquarium, but unless you have a trust fund, tons of money in the bank, or a friend with a family plus one pass, I would tell you skip it!  It would have cost us a fortune, but Kristen got us in for FREE!  It would have been $45 to walk in the door and then another $10 for the great Dolphin Show!  And that is for just AG and myself!  But, it was so great!

So, if you can manage it – you should stop by – but go early and skip the weekends!!

Here are some of my favorite Baltimore pics, enjoy!

and a few minutes of the Dolphin Show:


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