Christmas {Revised}

I am not sure about everyone else, but I could go a bit crazy at Christmas.  Well, I used to be able to go a bit crazy, but these days we view Christmas a bit different.

I know, it is early October.  I know, Christmas is ages away.  But, can we start thinking about it too soon, or really should we ever stop thinking about what it all should mean?

We have been planning for Christmas since about the first part of January.  Are we making a list?  No.  Are we planning a budget?  No.  We are simply working together to raise money for our most important gift this year.

The kids picked it out – a Water Buffalo.  This gift will help a community with a work animal, maybe some milk, and maybe some meat through raising and breeding them.

We love Gospel for Asia.  I know many other ministries offer something similar, but we love all the animals you can buy with Gospel for Asia.  We longed to live in the country long before we got here, so for a couple years now we have been living vicariously through Gospel for Asia buying animals for others.  We have purchased chickens, rabbits, and even goats.

So this year : Water Buffalo. I hope we get all the money we need for it, but if not, there is plenty of other options so we can try again next year!  Check out their online catalog.

Meanwhile, check out this video:

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