Eurasia Ministries

This past Sunday I was able to go to church with Kristen, and we were able to experience Eurasia.  What an amazing event/ministry!



We walked in late by about 15 minutes, and as we walked in, people were exiting the sanctuary and  getting in line, for what, we did not know.  So we joined them.  We were handed a “passport” and told to follow the line.  We moved through the line, arrived at the customs table and had to say why we were trying to get into their country – we really had no clue what was going on.  We told them we were visiting – another woman near us said she was on a mission trip & carted off to “jail.”


As we exited customs we were in the middle of a market place – smelly, tight, and everyone putting things in your face to sell them to you.  It was interesting.  I think one guy put a goat head in our faces to buy!

At the end we were handed a scarf and told to cover our heads, and then the men went one way and we went another as we re-entered the sanctuary.

Kristen and I sat there wondering just what we were doing.  After we waited for everyone else to make it through the customs and market areas, the drama began.

They had speakers come up and tell an honest account of a missionary in their program.  Stories of a young woman involved in prostitution finding a home for home for her young daughter through the missionaries.  How football on a university campus allowed another man to reach out to students nearby.  How a man from Iran heard about God and Jesus because he knew that what he learned previously was wrong.  He is not a pastor.  Many stories – all very good.

The main point was that there are millions of people in Eurasia who follow Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, or Muslim faiths.  All these people.  They kept saying, if we do not go, who will.  Such a great question!  Who will?  Who will tell them the truth?  Who will introduce them to Jesus?

Check out their website and see some great info about what they stand for!

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