I feel like I have dropped out of the blog world.  I have wanted to blog the past week, but life just takes over at times.  We have done some great stuff this week, and I hope to get some of it up here.  But I have to admit living it is much more fun than blogging about it!!

This week we have been back at the school thing, in a good routine, rolling right along.

We are loving our Apologia Science – Botany!!  My kids are learning so much about leaves this week – well last week – and when we went for a walk Friday we spent the whole time looking for specific leaves, certain traits and talking all about what we learned!!  It was my favorite walk of all time, I think!  To see my kids apply all that we learned the last 2 weeks at the table, while out on a walk!  Fun!!


Then, Robert cut another tree down too.  The best part was when he brought in the bug he thinks killed it.  He had a wasp like bug and a larva – we could see the trails in the wood under the bark too!  Again a fun homeschool moment!  Of course, we have not further investigated, but we took pics so we could do that later!

AH and AG

The kids enjoyed a brief time of climbing on our fallen tree – until we thought it might be best to stay clear, to avoid injuries!ED on tree

silly pj

Our sweet Clarabell is getting bigger, blacker, and sweeter!  She is so fun, even though she is big enough to knock any of over!  The kids all take turns feeding her the bottle as well as picking up the manure!

We did get a few days of some rain – the kids loved running outside to savor the drops and of course had to find some puddles as well!

splashing in puddles ag


puddles with ED

Another great week ahead of us!  We head to the State Fair of Texas on Monday – so hopefully we will have some good pictures to share later this week!!


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