{not so} Patient

Sometimes as I am teaching my kids character traits, I wonder.  Okay, I wonder a lot, but during these certain session I wonder about something very specific.

I wonder if God is putting the words in my mouth for me to hear.  Not sure I like what I am wondering about … i.e.  – Who is this lesson really for?

For example I have been struggling with how to talk to my eldest about patience, about controlling his anger and acting appropriately.  So this morning we talked about his siblings.  How they were chosen just for him.  How God can build his muscle of patience through the things he has to deal with, with regards to them.

So, as we headed out to church I thought about that.  If I tell him this stuff, and I know it to be true, why do I get so impatient with him?  And those other “chosen” siblings of his?

Why do I yell, or raise my voice over insignificant things?  Why don’t I think about it like building muscles?  We don’t yell at the weight when we are weight training and it gets hard.  But we yell at the child who is working out muscles of patience in the same way.

I guess, today I am reminded that God did not give me these kids just for the great hugs and sweet endearments.  In fact, he gave me these kids to teach me, oh so many things.

So I am taking the next 30 days to pray daily for patience – especially with regards to my kids.  Praying for patience words, a kind tone, and joy in my face and my heart no matter what.  That is what I want them to do right?  But yet, I do not hold  myself to that standard.  Ughh.

So, 30 days.  With lots of prayer, and lots of deep breaths, I hope to have some stronger muscles – especially in the Patience department!


1 thought on “{not so} Patient

  1. yep. I'm right there with ya!

    these children of ours are great tools He uses for our own sanctification. the key is to remember that He's working on them through us at the same time… we've got to try not to get in the way!! did you read Dr. Caroll's article on habit training! it's excellent!

    amy in peru

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