Book Review : A Confident Heart {Updated & give-away}


Okay, so I reviewed this book some time ago, but if I did not convince you to check out this great book, then watch this…..


Also, if you are interested in getting this book for FREE – comment on my blog and let me know.  I will randomly pick one comment and send you a copy of this great book!!

First, let me say, if you read THIS post, then you may already know some of the things I will say here, again.  I could not help but share a chapter earlier this week about this great book, but please keep reading anyway!!

A Confident Heart by Renee Swope


I loved this book, are you getting tired of hearing that? (I hope not)  It is hard not to love a book when an author pours their heart into it, and that seems to be the case with so many books I am reading these days!

Renee Swope did an amazing job with this book.  She is very talented when it comes to telling a story, including many other stories from the Bible, and giving a message of truth at the same time.  I loved seeing so many parallels in our lives, from unmet childhood dreams, to worries and fears plaguing our minds.  Reading about her struggles made me feel more and more normal as I made my way through her book.

Renee is very real.  Yet, what she shares is deep spiritual truths that will heal hurts in your heart and lead you to a place where you can firmly stand on God’s promises to help keep you out of going back to those places of pain.  She teaches you how to claim God’s words to put in your head to combat the self doubt, so many of us struggle with.

I really would encourage every woman to read this book.  If you personally do not struggle with insecurity (honestly I do not know anyone who does not, on some level) it could help you understand why so many others around you do.  The truths you find in this book will not only help you, but it can help you teach your children to navigate through some of these same areas, or even friends.

I underlined and highlighted so many things in this book, I may just need to plan to read the whole thing again in a couple months, it was really that good.

I love a book that will point me back to God/Jesus more than good feelings, good thoughts, or a “recipe” for success.  Renee points you back to the Bible every time, for those good thoughts (scripture), good feelings (truths about how He feels about you), and as for a recipe – really it boils down to : Let Him define you and not others.

Check out the first chapter HERE and many other free downloadable resources HERE.  I hope you check out this book, I know it will bless you if you do! 


* Note : I was offered a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.   My reviews are always my own opinions and  sincere.


2 thoughts on “Book Review : A Confident Heart {Updated & give-away}

  1. A confident heart has been a tremendous blessing to me as I stretch myself and take a huge leap of faith in a new ministry. “The God of all hope is calling you out of the shadow of your doubts so you can live with a confident heart!” – That is exactly what I am finding to be true and Renee's words have really helped me see that God is sifting the impurities out of my life so that He can use my story to bless others.

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