Weekly Wrap Up : October 28

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In my life this week…



One of the most stressful days of my life was sitting in the Pediatric Cardiologist’s on Monday while the Dr. talks to me about the EKG & ECHO Cardiogram we just had on our boy E.  There was so much adrenalin coursing through  my body – even though I knew no matter what it would all be fine.  I knew that.  In my mind, but my heart was still scared that this doctor could have horrible news.


all hooked up

{his legs are not really this long, camera phone angle shot –

but he is still pretty cute!}

But God was there, He knew this was going to happen.  He has been with me through these last few weeks when a Dr. says “I think we may run some tests to see if he has Marfan Syndrome” and test after test is run.  I see God’s hand in the fact that a Dr. noticed something after a quick office visit to get some asthma medicine, something no one else has caught.  I see God’s hand in appointments being moved up about a month to ease my heart. 

So when I fear, I remind myself, God has this.  God has me.  God has my little boy.  God has this. 

And He does.  He has this.

In our homeschool this week…

We did our 3 day school week, which kicks my bottom, but it works.  It was a good week.  We are loving Abraham Lincoln by D’Aulaire – anything by D’Aulaire is amazing, but we are all loving A. Lincoln.

We have been doing notebooking pages, but Rebecca of Mom’s Mustard Sees – has inspired me to “dabble” with lapbooks too.  Normally I avoid them, but her posts recently look so fun, we are attempting a 1/2 lapbook with this book.  (I will admit, the kids loved it today!)

Today, my boys were able to skip out of school (we will make it up tomorrow) to volunteer at the Food Bank.  The spent 2 hours this morning and about an hour and a half this evening.  They loved it!  They got to hang out with some great Godly men and women from our church, and they were able to do some good hard work, serving.  I am not sure it will be weekly, but this will become part of our schedule. 

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Be willing to reconsider things you took off the table in the past (i.e. lapbooking for me).  I am realizing there may be a reason to avoid something during certain phases, but in new phases, it can be fun to think about those options again.

I am inspired by…

How God has been working in our lives – how he has been walking us through this, potentially, scary season of our lives.  I am continually humbled by his goodness, patience, and love for me. 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Dallas this past week, we were so blessed to play with cousins (while E and I were at the doctor), we also visited the Boy Scout Museum in Irving.  Ross Perot was there while we were, but the kids were not interested in listening to him speak, even when I told them he ran for President, and I voted for him.  Oh well.

Things I’m working on…

A plan for Christmas.  Getting my lists together and my craft plan made.  I am feeling very comfortable, but I NEED to start sewing soon!!

I’m grateful for…

A healthy boy (3 of ‘em) and a follow visit for my little girl to make sure she does not have any heart issues we need to know about. 

Who knew double joined kids have more to worry about than just dislocated limbs??

I’m cookin’ …..

We’ve moved into fall cooking and are enjoy some yummy stuff.  I included 2 recipes earlier this week.   (Sante Fe (crock pot) Chicken and Salmon Patties)

Coming up : smoked (farm raised) Turkey (named Christmas, who knew she would last this long?) and Chili!!  I love chili in the fall!!

I’m praying for…

Peace.  Patience.  And for wisdom to deal with my 10 year old boy. 

A video/song to share…

1 thought on “Weekly Wrap Up : October 28

  1. Wow, I have almost the same picture of my little boy. Same tests and a few more. Nothing definitive found. Just one day at a time. We will keep you in our prayers.

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