Fall Fun & Yummy Recipes

I love fall!  I love the cool temps, the yummy food and the occasional bonfire!

These days occasional is none – with the burn ban, a fire was not an option for our Fall “Party” but that was okay, we still had lots of fun!

whole gang

We had tractor rides, compliments of our 10 year old driver.  The girls (and boys) colored lots of pumpkin coloring pages.  We all enjoyed watching Clarabell check out her new field!  She even made friends with Max our neighbor horse (that E.D. named, since we do not know his real name, and he will not tell us)

We had yummy snacks!!  To include :

Boilermaker Chili

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles {love, love, love this website – I have made many of her recipes and have loved them all!!!}

Smoked Turkey (our last of 3 – Christmas was served this afternoon)

and corn bread

Finished off with some yummy Pumpkin Cake  – thanks to Lisa!

We had a great afternoon with the other Cole family and our friends the Kincaids.  Hope to see more friends in the weeks to come!! Come on our and visit us, anytime!!  We love to have friends over to play!


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