Weekly Wrap Up : 11/11/11

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who are serving and have served!!  May God bless our friends who continue to stand in harms way!!

homeschool journal

In our homeschool this week…

We started working on our Gratitude Lapbook – the kids are enjoying it and I am hoping to cultivate a more grateful heart in each of them! 

I am inspired by…

Podcasts – this week I have listened to several from Matt Chandler at the Village church in DFW, and Michael from Manna in NC.  I have really enjoyed both and been incredibly inspired!!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

This week we stayed close to home, but next week we head up to Dallas for AG’s heart appt.  She will have an EKG & ECHO on Monday to make sure her heart looks exactly like it should.

Last Sunday I did get to take AG to a Clover Kid field trip to see many animals.  It was lots of fun!!  She got to see a Sheep, goat, many chickens and even work with a heifer!


My favorite thing this week was…

Co-op – we are really enjoying our time together and learning.  We have another family visit this week and are expecting to see them again next week!  So fun making new friends in this homeschool world!

We are studying Elizabeth Elliot, Mozart, Fredrick Remington and the parts of a pinto bean – all this week!  We are loving our CM style time together!

What’s working/not working for us…

Having a break was good for everyone, I think.  Ally got to visit MD and study geography and history, Hands-On!  The boys got a break from normal routine and I made some time for crafts!   it was a win/win!


Things I’m working on…

My Advent Plan – I finally merged my list of 25 Advent Activities with my calendar and I am so excited about the next 7 weeks in our home!!  We are going to have tons of fun with some great books, movies and crafts!!  Cannot wait!

I’m reading…

Day of War by Cliff Graham  {AMAZING BOOK} – finished it yesterday and will blog a review this week – LOVED IT!!!

I’m crafting…

An adorable ruffled apron (for Christmas), ornaments and this week a Turkey Shirt for my sweet girl.  I love this time of the year when I get to make time for crafts!!

I’m grateful for…

God’s Word and how it has been impacting me.  We have been working on memorizing a verse for each letter of the Alphabet – and I am loving that!  Anytime we can get more verses into our heads & hearts it is a good thing!  I am so thankful for each verse and the truth it holds!!

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