Making Hand Soap {DIY}

Oh my, I am in heaven!!

I saw this on pinterest a number of times, and knew I wanted to do it, but when the pin was with Mrs. Meyers soap – it became #1 on my list instead of somewhere lower!!

If you have ever smelled Mrs. Meyers Basil soap, you are missing out!  It is my favorite smell, makes me WANT to mop.  I simply love it.  I have been using a bottle (12 oz) of hand soap for about a year, I stretch is by refilling those foamer bottles.  I put about 1-2 Tablespoons and fill it up with water.  I do this for the kids too, since they tend to waste lots of soap. 

So, when I saw this idea, I knew I need to stretch my dollar even more!  A 12oz bottle costs about $4.59, the bar I bought was $5.69.

I made a gallon, yes a gallon of the same (pretty close) hand soap for $5.69!!  Amazing!

I took some great pictures of the process, but at the end realized, NO MEMORY CARD!! Ugh!!  This happens TOO often for me.  Oh well.

Here are the pics I got:

soap making 001

So, you can find this in a number of places – but here is what I did.


I used my Bosch attachment to grate my soap

soap making 002

– took about 2-3 minutes and the grated soap was pretty swirls – I used the fine grater side.


Then I added 1 gallon of water to my pot, 2 tablespoons of glycerin – (you find this in any store, I suspect, I found mine in Walmart near the bandaids.  About a 5 oz bottle about 2 dollars.)  Throw in your grated soap swirls.

Heat it up until all the soap melts.

getting cloudy

Let it sit for 12 hours – it will get cloudy.   Then, mix it up if you need to, you can add a bit of water too if you need to.

I am going to put it in a gallon milk jug I cleaned out very well.  And I plan to fill up some soap dispensers I had empty under the sink (why did I have those?  no clue!!)

I plan to try and spray paint a few hand soap dispensers (yep, saw it on pinterest again) and maybe gift a few bottles.  We will see.


Meanwhile I am in heaven with my favorite scented hand soap.  I may even put some in the shower.  That would be lovely too!!

Love it!!


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