Book Review : Big Book of History

I have wanted to get a timeline for our school.  I have looked at many, but never really found THE ONE.  You know, the one you know your kids will enjoy.  One that will grab their attention.  Many are pretty, many have good info, but those have not been The One.

Big Book of History

I found it though!  I am so excited!  My kids were excited!  That was how I knew it was The One!!

{This would be a great Christmas present for any families who love to learn together!!}

Big Book of History 004

The Big Book of History is amazing!!

Can you tell he is captivated, well, maybe not – but he was!! 

This timeline starts with 4004 BC – creation.  It highlights each day of creation and explains what God created that day – then moves on to Seth, then Noah, and so on.  I loved that there is a color coded line for Biblical/Christianity, World Events, Inventions/Technology, and Civilizations/Empires, so you can see how they each overlap and relate to each other. 

I am not sure if you can see, but there are blurbs all along the timeline that have interesting facts.  They are easy to read and quick to find.  This is perfect for kids trying to learn bits and pieces that go along with the big concepts they are learning.  Helps them to tie it together through the years.

Color coded timeline

I am planning to laminate this as soon as possible and then having it out to look at whenever we want.  I suspect it will move back and forth from school to the living room.  I suspect we will be in this book ALL THE TIME!!

colroful and fun

It is long enough to lay across our living room floor (15 feet) and let everyone find a spot to start reading and investigating!

Eli learningPJ looking

I know the boys are going to love having this resource in our home – they love stuff like this. 

I think it would make a great Christmas gift for children of all ages – especially readers about 6 and up would love this!  It would be a great resource to have at home for kids who are in public school – because it is very informative and it ties the World History with Biblical History – which we could always use more tools to help us to do that!!

Note : I received a copy of The Big Book of History in exchange for an honest review of the product, from New Leaf Publishing.

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