It’s Here!!

Advent that is!  I think Advent is my favorite part of Christmas!!  The excitement that building in anticipation of the Birth of Jesus!  I know, it can seem silly to get so excited to celebrate someone who was born, oh so long ago.  But I do still get excited!

I love how each day we use Ann’s Jesse Tree Devotion to talk about all the ways God pointed to the cross in the Old Testament, and how he used real people, people like you and me.

The Adventure of Christmas: Helping Children Find Jesus in Our Holiday Traditions

Today we took out Lisa Whelchel’s book ADVENTure of Christmas and talked about what Advent really is.  Last night we did our first Jesse tree devotion and even managed to light our Advent wreath!!

Advent – means to come.  This season is all about us cleaning out the cobwebs of our hearts and preparing for the celebration of Christ’s arrival. 

Each day we are doing something fun for this season.  Today, Day 1 (but not really since I wanted the days to line up with the days of December, we will call today Day 1 Minus 3) we are reading The Quilt Makers Gift (a family favorite) and having some scones and Black Currant Tea (I could not find Blackberry anywhere, so black currant will have to do).

Hope you are grabbing the beauty of this season, and I hope you are teaching your kids what it is really about – not the Santa at the mall (although that is fun too) not about the fun songs like Jingle Bells (which we are enjoying listening to) but it is really about getting our minds ready to celebrate the birth of our Savoir!!

Merry Christmas!!

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