Christmas Season

We are enjoying our Christmas Season so far!

A trip to the Grinch Who Stole Christmas at the Corsicana Theater (compliments of Guardian) – lots of fun!  The kids had never seen it and it was a surprise, so that was even more fun!!

A school production of The Nutcracker Ballet – with friends made this even more fun too! 

are a few of the “outside” things we have done!

Inside we are reading lots of fun books – one that we are savoring this year is by Ruth Graham Bell : One Wintry Night.

We are making sure to get our Jesse Tree Devotion in each night too – and I cannot say how much I love that devotion!!

Today though will be even more fun that all of those things!

We are all in Pjs!  The fire is warm and toasty!  As soon as my students all finish their math and Spanish we are reading The Polar Express!

Then, we will have a hot chocolate snack and follow it up with the Polar Express movie!  I am excited to have yucky weather to make this even more fun!!  And so thankful to my sweet friend who let me borrow her movie!  (who knew Redbox is not carrying it??)

So, I hope Christmas is in full bloom in your warm and toasty house!


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