Owl Moon

We thoroughly enjoyed our Owl Moon day!

We started out by reading our new (used, former library copy) book Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.  What a sweet book!  Great book for encouraging nature exploration and learning about owls!

owl cover

After we read this great book, we dove right into our Lapbooking!

inside lapbook

Here is one proud student!  We enjoyed filling in all sorts of stuff with all we learned about owls.  We learned a bit from our book, but then we remembered back to when we were following Molly the Owl and looked her up online.  After watching a video of her eating a rabbit whole, and seeing her with Max her oldest owlet (at the time), we filled in some more stuff on our lapbooks.

Then we sent J off to the World Book online to dig up some more interesting facts!J with his lapbook

The best part of the day was hearing J tell us all about what he found out while researching online, and when he came over and told me how  excited he was to learn all that he did that day!

I am not a pro-lapbooking mom by nature.  In fact, I shy away from them – too much work for me!

But as these kids are getting older, they are able to do the bulk of the cutting, gluing and such.  So I just need to find the resources!

I especially like these for a change of pace – like December, when we do not do traditional schooling each day, but instead dig into Christmas themes and Winter ones too!

If you are looking for some great places to get started for notebooking check out HomeSchoolShare or Notebooking Pages.

And I will plug Notebooking Pages while at it!  I asked for a subscription to this website for Christmas, since I needed to make the purchase (gifting it was not possible online), I have been able to play around on their site the past week or so!  And guess what?  I even won their contest!!  I won year subscription to MyAudioSchool.com.  I have not spent much time on there yet, but I cannot wait to explore and check it all out!  We love listening to school in the car!!

So, stay tuned and I will share what I find out about myaudioschool.com!!

Once we finished all our owl research, cutting, gluing and so on we have a great afternoon tea time and read another winter animal book The Snow Bear – another favorite!

The Snow Bear

That about sums up our days here: a little math, followed by lots of fun books and sometimes lapbooks or tea!!  Hope you are seizing the moments in your home this winter!!


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