{more} Toxin Free Living

For almost a year now, I have gone poo-free.  To some this seems normal and right, to others very weird!

I did not share anything about it before, because I guess I thought it was a bit weird  But now, I love it!!

Why would I do this?  Well, honestly after reading all about how toxic our shampoo and conditioner is, and all those other products, I decided I was done with these items.  I also changed us over to Dr Bonners soap in the showers (all of them).

Okay, so I was inspired by Simple Mom’s post about this topic.  Next, I got a squirt bottle, from walmart, in the housewares section.  Next, I bought some more baking soda.    I added a tablespoon of baking soda to my squirt bottle and filled with water.  This is my shampoo.  I squirt it into my wet hair, rub it around and rinse


Then I found an unused spray bottle and poured apple cider vinegar in about half way.  I use this in the shower after I wash and rinse, this is my conditioner or rinse of sorts.  I spray and then rinse out.

Done.  No more touching my hair in the shower.

When I get out, I comb through it, then I get some coconut oil in my hands and then I scrunch it into my hair.  I am completely toxin free in the hair and body soap department, and I love it!  My hair looks healthier than it has in years, and I feel good about what is going on it. 

This was the second step in my life to move more toxin free, after my homemade deodorant, which I still love!  I have been using it for about 18 months now, and plan to never go back!!  Yeah!  For 2012 I am hoping to change over more things to get even more toxin free!

So, join me in 2012 as we get a few more toxins out of our homes and make them a bit safer for everyone.

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