Christmas with the Cole Clan

Here is what Christmas looks like at our house…

(The night before, with all the gifts in place)

christmas eve tree ready

We start with cocoa

cocoa buffet

And donuts – it’s a tradition – Robert runs, before we open anything, to get them. 

girl and donut

We start with stockings, then move into gifts

a child plays Santa and hands them all out – this year P.

Here is J getting his Science book – both are thrilled!!

P has read almost all of his Animal Book!!

boys and book

Below is our “Santa” who picked the long thin gift for himself

(had to dig for it)

Does he look happy??

bbgun and boy


happy boy

Then, there is E with his grandparents opening a fun

Smithsonian gift!!

e Grammie and papa

Here is Papa with his new neck gator!

Leslie and gator

Here is what the place looked like when we were done

post gift mess

Then we move into the kitchen!!  Here is a festive Betsy!!


grammie in apron

Our dinner table…

christmas dinner


Finally, I had to share my pictures of Robert from his Christmas eve Birthday!  He was trying to be a goof – and he was!!  It was a fun birthday for him!!


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