Livin’ on a Farm

(sung to the tune of Pants on the ground)So a couple hours after we finished opening presents, we were snacking at the table when Betsy announced she had another gift – and a song to go with it.

Here is the song…

Living on a Farm

Living on a farm, living on a farm

life is good when you are living on a farm

hens in field

Working real hard, working real hard,

Time flies by when you’re working real hard.

work day and clarabell

Need a break now, need a break now,

workin’ real hard, so we need a break now

ag and tea

Searching for a place, searching for a place

Needs to be a place where we’ll all get a break.


Trip coming up, trip coming up,

Need to go looking, for that happy place

Usa Maps

Where we gonna go?  Where we gonna go?

Looking towards the east to a great Big Show!


Disney’s the place, Disney’s the place

Gonna have a great time, with smiles on our face.

Image Detail

Here we come Mickey, Here we come Minnie

Princesses too with lots to do.


We’ll all be there, we’ll all be there

April’s the time, when the sun will shine.

Leslie and Betsy by fire

Our gift to you, our gift to you

Grammie and Papa say its our gift to you.

I did not catch on until she said Disney (clueless, I know).  We are so excited!!  The kids cannot really grasp what it all means, but they are thrilled to go somewhere fun, in Florida and see the beach too!!

So a big thank you to Grammie and Papa – we are so excited to get to go on such a fun trip with them!!

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