Sugar Free & Balance ???

I had no idea.  I mean, I knew it was not so good for us.  I knew I should cut back, but oh my!!

I have been feeling a little desire to cut out some sugar, so when a friend posted that she was going 2 weeks no sugar starting Jan 2, I thought I would join her.  Little did I know.

I knew I would hate it – but did not expect headaches on day 1.  And cravings, like I never {thought I }  felt before.  Ugh.

Then another friend sends a link to a blog about going sugar-free, and I can honestly tell you I think I am scared of sugar and what it is doing to us.  I encouraged (to put it mildly) my husband to join me on this 2 week (hopefully 4 week) endeavor.  But after reading some of this stuff, I think I am bringing the kids along too.  Crazy stuff out there about sugar.


Then I hear from just about everywhere, you have to pick your battles.  But what does that mean?   Or should I say, how is that lived out?  Once you know something do you just let it go and think, well something will kill me one day, heck with the hormones in _______ (fill in the blank), or heck with the genetically engineered food they sell as “natural”, or heck with whatever it is we want to ignore?

I am just not sure how to balance it all out with “pick your battles.”

Kind of like living Radically for God.  I still struggle with this just about daily – people who are dying for lack of clean water while I water my lawn (well not really any more). 

I guess it all comes down to doing what we can.  I can feed my kids grass fed, pasture raised beef, for not very much money.  I can raise veggies that are safe to feed my kids.  I can cut sugar out (for a period of time) and maybe cut back for good.  I can do these little things.

I can buy soaps and shampoos that are not toxic.  I can replace that bad oil with Olive Oil and Coconut oil.  I can do these little things.

It all goes back to

Q: “How do you eat an elephant?”

A: A bite at a time

So that is what I am doing.  a bite at a time trying to change the world I live in, the food I eat, the products I buy and use.  One step at a time.

Yesterday, it was less (or really no) sugar for me – and while my head ached and I knew today will be worse, I keep reminding myself one step at a time.  I guess this is my battle today, getting the addiction to sugar under control in my system.


1 thought on “Sugar Free & Balance ???

  1. I've done the no sugar thing. I did no sugar, gluten, or dairy. My goal was four weeks. I think I got through 3. Thanksgiving suddenly appeared. By far, sugar is the hardest to give up. It's in EVERYTHING!!!!! The world wants to be sure we are good and addicted to all the “sweet things” in life. If you can find Stevia without sugar mixed in, it can make your world a little better. There is an organic one that comes in a brown white and green box. I can only get it in San Antonio and some HEB's and definately at Central Market. If you want to really be without sugar you have to read the labels on anything you use. Love ya. Good luck!!! You WILL feel better.

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