Friends & Fun

What a great day we had with sweet friends!!

Our friends jumped in the car this morning about 8:30 and headed out.   3 kids, 5 year old Layla, 3 year old Solei and 8 month old Sawyer.  I did not get enough pictures, but we had tons of fun!

We played with the doll house & construction set inside by the warm fire!  We had some yummy tea.

more construction

Here is the results of his creation – trust me, this was very hard to do with lots of practice !!


Then we went out to see Clarabell and offered some yummy mustard greens (happy cow = lots of time petting her).  Next was lunch.

Then the kids bundled up and walked Polly –  braver than me, it was cold out! 

bundled for a walk

and they are off

When they got back,  more tea and some snacks.

silly girls


tea time

I tried to offer cookies, but they turned black in the 450 degree oven. (not sure how it got to that temp!)

We watched a fun movie this afternoon for some down time and then had a great supper!  I think all the kids thought it was pretty good, and when you please 6 kids I think you are doing pretty well!

So here are the pics of our time today, mostly just J with a bundle of girls – fun fun!

(J was loving all these little girls, the faces were just for the camera)


j and girls


j and girls (2)



J and S


J and Sol


Sweet boys


sweet friends

Poor P is under this pile of lots of children – laughing all the while!!

tackle party

fun was had by all!!

whole gang


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