It is over! {imagine me doing the happy dance}


I can finally have sugar again.  Can.  And yes, I will.  I am not sure when, how much or how, but I know I will be eating some sugar today and in the days to come.

Boy.   I have learned, that I can live without sugar.  I can.  But, since food is not my idol, nor does what I eat define me, I will not live without sugar. 

From today on, I plan to eat a Sugar-Less diet.  Not diet in the sense short term, but I plan to lessen the amount of sugar we eat as a family.  Robert has been wanting bees since before we arrived here, and I was always fully on board for getting them “later”.  Well, later is now.  I am not sure how soon now will be for us, but I am all for getting them as soon as we can.  If we can start to get our own honey, that would make sugar-less living so much easier!

But as a woman who loves God with all her heart, with all she is, I am a woman who is not defined by my body size, the calories I consume or by what I eat.  However, my body is a temple that God allows me to occupy for a set amount of time.  As I try to keep my house clean, and my kids healthy, I need to try to keep this body in the best shape I can as well.  So eating healthier is part of that.


If I have a bad day and do not exercise I am not pleasing God any less than the day I run a marathon (insert laughing out loud here).  Honestly, we all have good days and bad, and the best I can do is to aim high, hopefully get close to my mark, and in the meantime, do the best I can.

Saturday night I did try a crazy recipe from Healthy Families For God and I made homemade sugar-free Samoas.  Oh my.  I expected disaster – I mean really?  Why mess with girl scout cookie perfection.  I even tried to talk them down to Robert.  They were not super easy to make, but they would not be super easy with sugar either, let’s keep it all in perspective.  But once they were all together, I thought they were mighty good!  I then, realized I could live sugar-free, that is if I felt like I was called to do such a thing.  Lucky for me, I do not feel that calling.

Instead, I will watch how much junk food I made and buy.  I will get rid of almost all candy as it enters my house (not by eating it).  And I will try to find healthy alternatives.

More importantly I have woken up, realized I was HIGHLY addicted to sugar and I know now that it is bad to be there.  It is bad to be addicted to anything that if you take 24 hours away from it you have issues (headaches, anger, anxiety, etc).  I do not want to be addicted to anything other than God.  Honestly.  Honestly I want to want him as much as I wanted sugar on day 2, 3, or 4 of my fast – if I wanted him that much my life would look so very different’.

So, there you have it.  You can do it.  It takes more than 3-5 days though, I suggest 2 weeks.  By 2 weeks of no sugar you kind of want it, but know without a shadow of a doubt you do not need it.  And let’s be honest – we really do not need it.

Here’s to eating better in 2012!


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