kids in the kitchen

I am not so great with this…. this kids in the kitchen.  I mean, mine help a lot, and have for years, but letting them go?  Uhh, not so much.

In fact, when it comes to helping, they start helping, but when I need to hurry it along, or stir it “better” they quickly get disinterested and wander away. 

j mixing

This, my friends is why I love 4H.  I love it for many reasons, it gets my kids speaking in front of groups,  it encourages them to learn all sorts of new things, and it provides an environment to reward success.  But right now, tonight, I am loving that it has gotten me thinking that my kids need to be in the kitchen more without me interfering. 

They, all four, made something to show for 4H this Saturday.  They all made or helped make their dish in the past (aside from AG).  So this time, I sat back and supervised.  PJ made Spanish rice!  (Guess who is not making rice anymore?)  He is the new Spanish rice cooker in our home. 

{no picture snapped of him, I forgot…}


J made Energy Bites – he has made them twice before with no help and he loves to make these and eat them. 

J measuring

E made cranberry salsa which he has helped me in the past, and I did help him a bit, but he did the bulk of it.

E chopping 2

  Finally, AG made chocolate chip Zucchini bread.

AG cookin'

So for the 4H thing, it is not just the kitchen cooking part.  They have to be able to talk to the judged, make eye contact, and communicate that they know their product.  Not sure how that will go, but for now I am so glad we did this.  I think I am going to start delegating more of the meal preparation in the future.  I know J is old enough to start doing some serious kitchen cooking, I just need to remember to let him!!

** My favorite part of this whole thing?  Well, we all had recipes – they had their own recipe for their item.  But as we made each we talked about how we could change it up.  Make it healthier, or just change it.  I cook that way. I look at a recipe and say, how can I make that mine?  What would I change.  So I love getting my kids to think that way too.  If you are out of one thing, can you substitute?  Thinking on their feet will save them many days of their lives, so why not teach them now?


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