Homeschool Find!

Who knew?  Well, I never really thought I needed it to ask.  But today I was skimming my yahoo group daily distro (not even sure which one) and someone mentioned how they love generating worksheets on WorksheetWorks – OH MY!!!
This is, like, brilliant and so amazing for this momma of 4 different grades, 5 kids (4 plus, really), at all levels in many areas!  Oh my!!

I am so excited because of one main reason.  My kids love learning cursive.  Yet, I do not want to make it a “goal” because then they will hate it and whine.  Weird, I know.  So I am trying to gently offer cursive lessons without making it seem like work.

This website  can print out their verses for them to copy in cursive and they can copy, or trace!  This may not excited anyone else, but it made my morning!


I also printed the verses my kids copywork (in print) for my youngest son, and a copy for my little girl.  And she sat and copied the same three her brothers did. 

This morning, my oldest (did not use this website with him, but he still copied verses) wrote his in print, but since I taught him cursive lower case b’s yesterday, all the b’s on his copy work sheet were cursive!  They are tickled to be learning, and I am thrilled that it is not something we are fighting about.

For simple letter practice I did use Donna Young’s site to print out a sheet for 2 letters and lots of room to practice. 



I do love her site – so many great tools there too!  But for copy work that I want to control, I simply love WorksheetWorks!!  There is more than just handwriting too – check out their math (great for review), geography, and lots of fun puzzle like things.  These will be great to use while we are travelling this year, for their notebooks to have in the car!!

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Find!

  1. Yes, it is a great find. We homeschool our daughter (10) and son (9) and we're always in need of quality worksheets. I think this is the first site with more than math worksheets on it! Thanks for sharing it!

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