Spring Garden : In

new sign in garden


I love this part of the garden, not as much as the final product, but I still love the planning, the excitement of what we are going to put into the ground, the hope of what will spring forth from the ground in the coming weeks and months!!

planting onions

We had a wonderfully productive day on Sunday!  We arrived home from church, and after we ate some lunch we all headed out to work in the garden!  The weather was so nice, almost 70’s, even though the wind was blowing like crazy!

planting seeds

We planted 2 rows of three different kinds of potatoes, hope that is enough this year.  Then, we also planed lettuce (bibb and romaine), Swiss Chard (my favorite), radishes (a family, minus me, favorite), beets, onions, and some Pak Choi, not really sure what that is!

Everyone planted something, which is another favorite part – they are all so excited about getting seeds in the ground and planting things!  They love to watch their row grow and occasionally help weed too!


Once we finished with our early seeds that needed to get into the ground, we moved into the garage to pick up a bit.  Robert built a new work bench, which I love!  Got the Miter Saw off the ground and cleaned things up a bit.

Then I found some old wood, a piece of fence I found somewhere many months ago.  I saw a sign somewhere that someone made, and decided I needed a sign too!  So here is our new garden sign!!

new garden sign


And with a few more fence boards, I cut them up to make signs for our garden rows.

garden signs

I am also pretty excited because we finally got around to ordering trees on Sunday!  We ordered many peach trees, a few apricot and then a bunch of Knock Out Rose Bushes.  I am absolutely so excited to get all these items in and into the ground!  I know fruit trees take a while to get going, but oh, the promise of our own fruit in the years to come!! I cannot wait!!

I am working on convincing Robert to put in a corn patch and a wheat patch this year too.  Just a small 12 x 12 area, to see how they do in our soil and in our yard.  If they both do well, then we can plant a bigger spot next year. 

I love all this gardening, it reminds me that spring is right around the corner too!!

Happy Planting, in your neck of the woods!!


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