Living it

I am certainly not living the life I should.  I mean, don’t we all fall so short of what we hope for ourselves and short of what God has for us? 

We talked this week about what it is that pulls us away from what we should do.  Is it that we are too busy?  Too tired?  It is too hard to do _______ (fill in the blank______?

Well, I have not arrived, by any stretch, but as much as I fail, I occasionally do something right.  So often I think I hit the mark most with my children than with myself.

(Now after the past 2 weeks or so, I am not feeling too proud as a mom, but I am not sure that is truth I am leaning on…. another issue for another day..)

Anyway, last fall our church took over the management of a local food pantry.  I have always wanted to be more involved in service projects, but with 4 little kids it is hard to be able to do too much.  With our church so involved though,and knowing nearly all the adults working there I decided to get my older boys involved. 

J and Kasey at pantry


So each Thursday morning, they head to our local food pantry for about 2 to 2.5 hours.  Many weeks they go back in the afternoon too, to help again about 4:30 until 6pm.  They LOVE it.  I mean they live to do this.  They do extra work on Wednesday to make sure they can go, the do extra work when they get home.  They wake up on Thursday excited to go.  I love their hearts!

E filling boxes

I had not been, until about a week ago.  I simply was not able to get away and go, and with my back I was not sure there was a ton that I could do.  But I finally made it a priority to go and help out alongside  my youngest boy and my oldest.  E has been BEGGING to go for months, but he is a bit young to be there without Robert or me.  So we have not allowed him to go. 

E Ally filling bags

It was so much fun!  It was fun to work and help, it was fun to bless so many families,  It was fun to just visit with the other people working there.  The most fun? 

J filling boxes

Watching my oldest boy show me the ropes, and delight in watching him work!! (I wish he worked that hard here with his chores…again another issue for another day….)

Ally sorting items

I am not sure how often I will get over there, but I loved helping and loved watching my boys love helping!  I am thrilled they are committed to this ministry.  Another part I love?  The people who work along side my boys (really mentoring them in many ways) and how they are encouraging my boys, and confirming the truths we are teaching them.  These amazing adults are living It.  They are walking the walk and serving when they could be home with their feet up, or simply living up their retirement.  But they are not.  They are serving so many in Malakoff that need them!

I am loving this part of parenting – the pride of seeing my boys’ hearts pumping outside their bodies!!

Check out our church’s ministry called Faith In Action:


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