It’s Monday

Oh my, how I savor Monday mornings!  I love to wake up after a busy (or lazy) weekend and have the week before me.

Last week was a great week despite the horrible Poison Oak my son got into and dealt with, and my back going out on Sunday night.  I am not sure what to attribute our good week of school and life, to.  I am hoping we have another good week here though, and somehow tap into what led to a good week last week.  I want to say it helped to hear Sally, to see things in a different perspective.  I think I came away with a more eternal perspective, rather than a “I want to see the fruit this week” philosophy.

So going back to habits, I want to offer my gratitude for the past few days, I am so very thankful today for

~ Some great books on my nightstand

~ Reading Grace Based Parenting & Shepherding Your Child’s Heart – together with different people

~ Fruit trees in the ground – so excited for the fruit they will bear in the years to come

~ warmer days – the hope of spring to come

~ J starting to look like my son and not a stranger

~ my back getting back to normal much faster than ever before

~ Our family doctor – we just love, love, love Dr Johnson – what a gift from God this man is to our family!

~ hoping to hear something this week from the genetic testing we are waiting on

~ painting kitchen cabinets – so excited for a “new” kitchen!!

We are in the homestretch for school!  We are about 11 weeks out from finishing up our year!  I cannot wait!  I always get excited about this time of year as I start looking at the amazing books for next year!  I get so anxious to start them, that I have to stop myself or I would ditch those we are in right now! 

We are certainly loving The Secret Garden as a read aloud!  I cannot wait to read some of that this week, as we seem to have just gotten into the really great part of this story!  All of the kids are loving it – and beg to read more when we finish a chapter – a mark of a great book!  I cannot remember reading it myself and so I, too am enjoying it!  Hope you are enjoying an amazing book in your world!!

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