Allergy Update

So I think we have figured out my youngest son may be allergic to dairy.  I figured that would be it for our family – Robert and I are not allergic to much of anything.

Today we found out my middle son is allergic to some metal.  Weird.  Random… but no biggie.

The oldest son though, well that is an entirely different story!!

Attack of the Poison Oak (we think)

Wednesday Night:

J thursday


Thursday Morning

J friday



J saturday


J sunday

Finally, Monday

J monday night

Oh  my.  We made it in to the doctor on Thursday, after a steroid shot, lots of other drugs and a plan – the swelling immediately started to come down.  He never had any trouble breathing – however next time may not be that way.  So we now have a couple EpiPens here to help out if there is a next time!!

Crazy Roller Coaster our family has been on.  Thankfully God is watching over us and keeping us safe!! Meanwhile, Friday my youngest boy and I have a date in Tyler to have some allergy testing done & lunch – just the two of us!!


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