Seizing the Day

I am having so much fun these days doing a mini-makeover in my kitchen!  We knew when we moved in the kitchen would be a future project, but we also knew it would take big bucks.  After being here for about 18 months, we have kind of concluded that we are not interested in the full-blown kitchen re-do.  Do not want to spend the money (if we had it) and do not want to be without a kitchen while doing it.  Instead we are revamping a few key areas!!


Presently I am working my fingers to the bone on the cabinets!  I have fallen in love with this new paint (thanks to my friend Flo) and after re-doing a lovely dresser that my friend gave me a while back.  This paint is simply amazing.  {Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint}



You do not have to prep your surface, other than making sure it is clean.  No sanding, stripping, just clean.  Yeah!

I loved painting the dresser that now sits by my front door, and I loved painting the filing cabinet Robert brought home too.

So, now I am almost half way done with our kitchen cabinets!!  Yeah!  I realize that this is still a lot of work, even with great paint!  But I am loving the results so far!! LOVING IT!

Since I am not done yet, I will only share a few pics to give you a glimpse of what I am enjoying!! 

Cabinets Before



Oh, how I love the AFTER!!

cabinet redo

And there is so much more to come!!

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