Chicks are here


baby chicks

Wednesday our latest batch of chicks arrived!  We have 25 that we are raising for one of our boys to show for 4h.  We love to have baby chicks in the house – well here at the house.  I do love to have them in the house, I love to listen to their constant chirps, but this time they are in the workshop.  So I do not get to hear them, but they are still fun to watch; and if you cannot find a child you can assume that child in in there watching them!


baby chicks 2

We were hoping to hatch out some chicks too – we found 20+ eggs in the woods about a month ago, but it seems that none of them are going to hatch.  We have another day or so to wait and then we will ditch the incubator and throw away the eggs.  Oh well.  I am sad, I was hoping to have some hens to replace some of our hens who are getting close to ending their peak laying time.  They will need to be replaced this fall I suspect.  That will be hard because they are our first hens and we are pretty attached to them – well aside from my husband, that is.

And if you were wondering these chickens (pictures above) are meat birds – they grow really big, really fast.  So sometime in April we will be butchering these lovely (at that point disgusting) birds to have in our freezer!  I am pretty excited about that part, most of all!!

3 thoughts on “Chicks are here

  1. You would have to check with your local rules and ordinances. We live in the country right now, but in the past we were able to do so within city limits – but there are often restrictions. Good luck, we LOVE having chickens!!

  2. We love our chickens! Plus we live in the city! 🙂
    We can only have 6 – which works great for our family. We get about 40 eggs a week.
    Can't wait to move to the country so we can have more.


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