Book Review : The Last Plea Bargain & Giveaway

If you love an amazing legal thriller like I do, look NO further!

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The Last Plea Bargain

I cannot tell you enough how much I loved The Last Plea Bargain.  I really loved this book!  I have enjoyed novels by Randy Singer in the past, to include False Witness and the Justice Game, but this novel is hands down my favorite by him. 

There are so many stories all going on in this novel, so many twists, so many surprises, and lots of drama.  Once I started this story, I never wanted to put it down, I wanted to keep going deeper into the situation that Jamie Brock was facing.

Caleb Tate, a very high profile criminal defense attorney, is accused of murdering his wife with an overdose of several drugs.   While in jail, awaiting his release, he starts working a plan within the prison, with the prisoners, to stop “dealing” and insisting everyone go to trial.  He is hoping to back up the judicial system to an expected stand still. 

The main character, Jamie Brock, is a young assistant District attorney in Georgia, working along side the DA who is more like a father to her than a boss.  Jamie has a reputation to never deal with a criminal, no plea bargains.  She is fighting the biggest case of her life, while dealing with the death of her father, and the death row sentence of the man who killed her mother.  

I enjoyed the other characters that Randy brings into the fray as well.   Mace James is the former criminal, turned defense attorney, who is working against and at times, along side Jamie.  I loved the redemptive aspect that Mace brings into this story.  As a convicted criminal, Mace “found Jesus,” and turned his life around, literally.  After getting out of prison, he becomes one of three men in the state allowed to practice law.  Mace is a man out to defend those who need it, but above all is driven by his faith.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys legal thrillers.  A novel by Randy Singer is equal to any novel by John Grisham, however with Randy Singer you are guaranteed a clean, safe novel that will ultimately offer the redemptive message of Christ.  I am so thankful for authors who provide such a product!!

Randy Singer Head Shot

I love that many of Randy’s books are loosely (or closely) based on actual trials he has worked on! 

A bit more about the author (from

Randy believes it’s important to simultaneously hold a number of different jobs so that if he gets fired by two employers the same day, he can still avoid the unemployment line. He splits his time and divides his personality between Randy Singer, critically acclaimed author, Randy Singer, veteran trial lawyer, and Randy Singer, pastor. When he grows up, he will decide what he really wants to do.


Check out his site to find out more about him


I get to giveaway a copy of this amazing book!! 

So please leave a comment, tell me why you want to read this book and also tell me your favorite all time book.  I will then contact you to get your mailing info, and Tyndale with mail you a coupon for a free copy of this book!  WooHoo!! 

  As if that was not enough!!  You also get a signed book plate from Randy!!  How cool is that?  I think it is pretty cool, myself!  So leave me a comment.  I will be picking one randomly on April 1st!!  And I will contact you and let you know!!  I am pretty excited to give away a copy of such a fantastic book!!

Note: I was provided a copy of The Last Plea Bargain in exchange for an honest review, by Tyndale House.


2 thoughts on “Book Review : The Last Plea Bargain & Giveaway

  1. I've never read a Randy Singer book but really like a good legal thriller. One with a Christian message sounds even better. Favorite book of all time is pretty tough. I like Francine Rivers a lot- A Voice in the Wind.

  2. A legal thriller with a Christian focus? What could be better? I would really enjoy this book (as I do so many that you review, Janelle!) My favorite book of all time – right now – (oh, how to choose just one!): Pride and Prejudice. Really. 🙂

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