Opening Epcot

Our trip to Florida was a dream on any levels, I will expound on that when I share about the other parks.  We loved all the parks, but our favorites were Hollywood Studios and Epcot. 

4 kids at epcot

Epcot was not even on our radar, other than, many friends told us we had to go.  Well, we were not going to go.  And we were okay with that, we were happy with the other 3 parks and really thrilled for all of it. 

Upon arriving in Florida and meeting up with my in-laws, my mother-in-law told me the surprise, we were going to get an extra day at a park!  Well, of course …. EPCOT!!!

We were absolutely thrilled while waiting in line to go in, a Disney employee walked over and started talking to us, very nice lady.

our new friend

I thought she would hand the kids some stickers, and since they all (Cast Members) are so friendly, I suspected NOTHING!  So a few minutes into talking, she asked if we would like to OPEN THE PARK!!!

Uh, pause …. YES!!


So we did.  We were so excited not just to open it, but we were celebrating ED’s birthday!!  He turned 8 while we were in Florida but it was the day we were leaving, so we made that day HIS day!  So fun!!

epcot in early

So we got to go in first, took a few pics by the entrance and then welcomed the crowd!!

everyone else waiting to get in

Why did we love EPCOT?  Well, as homeschoolers, we honestly never stop learning.  We love any chance to learn!  And Epcot was a perfect place to learn, about different cultures, about some science – about some fun rides too!

We even spent a few minutes in Norway where we learned a bit about Vikings, which we are studying these days for school!!

ed and viking


norway and 2 boys

We took notebooks in to the park and each of our children picked a word, and as we went from country to country we asked a “Cast Member” to write that word in their language.  It was so fun!  The kids loved talking to the individuals and loved learning their words too!  PJ practiced writing his word in Japanese for education all the way home!  How fun is that?

It was really a magical day and we loved it!  We even closed the park!!


light show


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