New Breakfast Favorite : Egg Muffins

So we are entering Week 2 of our sugar fast (kids and all).  I will admit the 2 younger kids had ice cream and birthday cake on Saturday, but this is not the Old Testament.  We are not bound by the law – we are FREE!  So a bit of cake in the middle of our fast for a 8 and 6 year old is just fine.  Otherwise they are doing great!  Not even asking! 

However, this whole less sugar thing is a challenge – and I am still learning new options to replace old standbys.  Breakfast is something that I try to keep interesting but not too  much work.  Yes, I make breakfast every morning, unless my dear husband is home and then often, he opts to do it.  We eat eggs most mornings (you know, chickens and all…) but how many different ways can you serve scrambled or fried eggs?  And while we love quiche it is a bit of work, the whole dough thing, if it is not here, we need to buy it, or make it …. and you get the point.

Well, Pinterest came to the rescue about 2 weeks ago.  I found Egg Muffins.  While I have no great pics to show you, I will say we made these once, double batch, and ate them twice – and then made them again this morning and everyone was happy.  These are super easy. 


(They will keep for up to a week in the fridge and you can freeze them, I like that you can make a double batch, no extra work, and you have 2 breakfasts done at one time)

A bit like quiche (minus crust and milk, so gluten and dairy free).  What I like about them is you can make variations in the same batch and for picky eaters, I would let them make their own.  Set out a bunch of toppings (or whatever you call them) and let the kids sprinkle what they want into a muffin spot and then you pour the egg over when they are done. 

I will admit we use about 15 eggs for a dozen egg muffins, and serve 2 muffins per person except the little girl.  So if you do not have a bunch of free range chickens out back, and cannot find cheap eggs, this may not be the recipe for you.  But otherwise, it is great!  This morning we had ham in most, broccoli in a few, roasted red peppers in many, feta cheese in mine, and cheddar in the rest.  They were yummy!!

So, if you want a new look for breakfast, check out these Egg Muffins and enjoy!!  Get creative, other veggies, sausage, bacon, green chilis or jalapenos…etc!


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